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A Civilization is Known by its Great Achievements
Settlement of the Moon can be Ours

The current state of the world has been described as a clash of civilizations. This may be an exaggeration but there is some truth to it.

Great Achievements

A civilization is known by its great and lasting achievements. Some of these achievements have been architecture like the pyramids of Egypt, the Parthenon, or the Gothic Cathedrals. Some have been advances in human social organization like democracy and the first parliaments. Others have been advances in mathematics and science like the works of Pythagoras and Newton, or Quantum Mechanics and the Theory of Relativity.

These are the things a civilization is remembered for over thousands of years.

We have the power through action to set what our civilization will be remembered for.

Our Current legacy

If our primary legacy is "South Park", strip malls, and the gas guzzler then we deserve to be swept from the stage of history and forgotten.

We have the power through inaction to let our legacy become only our most mundane actions.

Return to the Moon

The permanent settlement of the Moon is one of those great achievements for which a civilization will be remembered as a high point in human history. It is one that is within our power to accomplish within the lifetimes of people now living.

It is also the kind of achievement we can point to when our civilization is criticized for being crass, commercial, and lacking ethical values. The vast majority of the world's people are on the middle ground on the great issues of our day and they do accept great accomplishments as balance to small failures.

What is Required of Us

All that is required for a civilization to achieve great things is for a large number of people to get into action and stay in action until the job is done.

Lunarpedia can be an important action center for both getting the idea of returning to the Moon to stay widely accepted as an achievable goal and for keeping people in action until the job is done.

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