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Interorbital Systems is a rocket manufacturing company and space launch provider, dedicated to manned exploration and colonization of the Solar System. The corporation, based since 1996 in Mojave, CA., is actively selling orbital expedition tickets for the first flight of NEPTUNE in 2009. Price: special promotional fare of $250,000. After first ten tickets are sold, regular fare will be $2 million USD. The promotional fare tickets are actually "free" tickets to space (see details at IOS website). The crew module accommodates six, and the propellant tanks provide huge on-orbit crew accommodations. Please visit for more details. IOS space exploration flights are multiple-day adventures and are strictly orbital, not 15-minute up-and-down suborbital hops! Interorbital Systems is also developing an Earth/Moon transportation system for lunar tourism and colonization missions in association with Trans Lunar Research. For more information, please visit

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Launch Systems and Vehicles

Interorbital Systems Neptune
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