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Apollo stuff

Apollo Program Summary Report (Document # JSC-09423, April 1975)

Note: the original hard-copy document was broken into 10 pdf files for user-friendliness and full text search capability. However, each file is still ~4-6MB so please be patient with potentially long download times.

Some of the data from the above document in a more readable form.

The Lunar Sample Compendium

Artemis Society International

Audio Streams


There are numerous blogs on lunar and space related topics. Please add any other blogs you recommend.


Email Lists

Artemis and Moon Society lists:

Gravity Page


  • Color-Coded Topography and Shaded Relief Map of the Lunar Near Side and Far Side Hemispheres - U.S. Geological Survey - 3 very large PDF files, > 330 MB each.

MIT Space Logistics Project

Interplanetary Supply Chain Management and Logistics Architecture.


  • Moonquakes - NASA - The Vision for Space Exploration.


Other Links


Some more useful links:

These links show you can have a tethered satellite at L-1, tethered to lunar surface at Sinus Medii:

The Nine8 Planets


  • Gaiaselene video - "Saving the Earth by Colonizing the Moon,"

Virtual Worlds

The Artemis Society International Meeting Server is a "virtual world" in the CyberTeams MOO Server. MOO stands for "MUD (Multi-User Domain, or Multi-User Dungeon) Object Oriented." The CyberTeams MOO Server is based on a type of MOO server known as "LambdaMOO" developed at Xerox PARC.
ASI MOO, the most completely developed concept for a lunar community, is a real-time server that allows multiple users to communicate and participate in a shared virtual reality environment. The ASI Meeting Server provides an environment for ASI and Moon Society members to meet and work on the Artemis Project and ASI activities, as well as a forum for non-members to find out what Artemis Society International and the Artemis Project are all about.
Attractions in ASI MOO include the airlock, the topic suggestor, and the Luna City monorail system. So while you are in the MOO, you'll want to take some time to explore the virtual world as well as participating in the conversations.
Moon Sims was originally established to present a concept for a lunar settlement using the popular computer game, The Sims. The lunar settlement developed in ASI MOO was used as the basis for the description. The project developed a few of the items needed to show what life would be like in the moon a hundred years from now but development ended with the advent of The Sims 2 and the subsequent waning popularity of the original version of The Sims.
Moon Sims continues as an infrequently updated fan site The Sims and The Sims 2, and hosts a few other fan sites.