List of Areas of Research

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Lava Tube Research

  • Location Mapping Research
  • Interior Mapping
  • Possible lavatubes in buried lavaflow layers

Gas Pockets -- theoretical
Lunar Volcanism -- theoretical
Solar Wind Volatiles

  • Identification of areas of regolith enriched in specific elements
  • Coldtrap ice deposits mapping

Economic Selenography
Preservation Sites
Energy Generation
Nightspan Storage
Helium-3 extraction
Lunar Solar Power Arrays
Energy efficiency research
Lunar Astronomy
Lunar SETI
Farside Radio Astronomy
Lunar Optical Astronomy
Lunar Amateur Astronomy
Lunar Appropriate Research and Development
Mining and Processing Technologies Research
Production-scale Chemical Processing Systems
Element Production Suites
Metal Alloy
Alloying and Coloring Agents Production
Lunar-Deficient Elements
Stowaway Imports
Asteroidal Resources
Cometary Resources
Martian Area Resources
Satellite Systems
Global Positioning
Search and Rescue
Orbital Research
Pharmaceutical Production
Lunar Biospherics
Modular Biospherics
Air Refreshing Systems
Water Recycling Systems
Specialized Climate Options
Environmental Protection Protocols
Enterprise Formation and Assistance
Consumer Goods and Services
Motive Power System Research

  • Dust Engine research
  • Local power beam networks
  • Lunar skimmer research

Lunar Produced Fuels

  • Solar
  • Chemical
  • Nuclear