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Audio Streams

The Space Show

Virtual Worlds

Moon Sims

Moon Sims was originally established to present a concept for a lunar settlement using the popular computer game, The Sims. The lunar settlement developed in ASI MOO was used as the basis for the description. The project developed a few of the items needed to show what life would be like in the moon a hundred years from now but development ended with the advent of The Sims 2 and the subsequent waning popularity of the orginal version of The Sims.

Moon Sims continues as an infrequently updated fan site The Sims and The Sims 2, and hosts a few other fan sites.


Gaiaselene video - "Saving the Earth by Colonizing the Moon,"


Moon Daily

Email Lists

Artemis and Moon Society lists:


ASI MOO Artemis Society Meetings Server - Open to the Public
Mars MOO
Second Life Space Community
Space Alumni Fully featured public site, with member networking, discussion fora, and online chat


There are numerous blogs on lunar and space related topics. Please add any other blogs you recommend.