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Reusable spacecraft are vessels designed, intended, and generally used multiple times.

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Enterprise Class OVs

Six shuttles and several test articles have been constructed of the Enterprise Class. There are no plans to construct more, and the fleet is scheduled for retirement in 2010.

Name Hull Number Status Owner
Challenger OV 099 Destroyed with loss of life NASA
Enterprise OV 101 Not Operational NASA
Columbia OV 102 Destroyed with loss of life NASA
Discovery OV 103 Operational NASA
Atlantis OV 104 Operational NASA
Endeavour OV 105 Operational NASA

Buran Class OVs

The Buran Class was the Soviet Union's answer to the United States' shuttle fleet, and was directly based on it with some improvements. Only one of them was completely constructed and flown, and the project was canceled after the Soviet Union was dissolved.

Name Hull Number Status Owner
Buran 1.01 Destroyed Kazakhstan?
Ptichka 1.02 Not Operational Kazakhstan
Baikal 2.01 Not Operational
2.02 Not Operational
2.03 Scrapped

Scaled Composites Tier 1

The Ansari X Prize was claimed by SpaceShipOne, the only privately designed and owned reusable spacecraft to enter space.

Work on the next part of Tier 1, SpaceShipTwo, is in development with Virgin Galactic.

This is a two craft solution. Stage 1 is a reusable craft separate from the spacecraft.

Name Designation Status Owner
SpaceShipOne N328KF Retired Scaled Composites
White Knight N318SL Operational Scaled Composites

Kistler K-1 Series

The K-1 series is a planned private reusable class of spacecraft in development since the 1990s.

Masten Space Systems eXtreme Altitude Series

The XA 1.0 series is a planned reusable class of suborbital spacecraft. A prototype, XA 0.1, is in testing.