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Analog Research Stations

Past, Present, Planned analog activities

  • Oregon Moonbase
  • Drumheller Badlands/Calgary Space Workers Habitat
  • Moon Society exercises at MDRS
  • MexLunaHab
  • NASA mockups
  • Seabed stations as an analog of isolation

Architecture Options

Biological support Options

Utility Options

Simulant Options

Research Priorities


Lunar Tourism

Tourism from orbit

  • Loop-the-Moon tours
  • Self-contained butterfly landers

Surface tourism

  • Early land facilities, excursion support
  • Early land excursions
  • Scenic access
  • Geological/scenic preserves & Lunar National Parks
  • Scenic cableways
  • Scenic roads
  • Scenic overlooks
  • Observation towers
  • Tourist concessions
  • Crew/passenger operable facilities
  • Historical site access
  • Settlement circuit
  • Development of diverse architectures
  • Development of diverse flora and fauna
  • Development of diverse cultures
  • Limb "peekaboo" locations
  • Farside heavens
  • The 7 wonders of the Moon
  • Suborbital tours for Lunans
  • other

Economic Geography: chemical, mineralogical, and topographic resources

Unfinished Robotic "Prospecting"

  • Elements mapped at medium resolution to date: iron, thorium, hydrogen, calcium
  • Need to map all major elements at higher resolution

Unfinished Robotic "Exploration"

  • High resolution topographic contour map from which to identify contiguous areas of easy transit and most logical corridors linking them
Prerequisite for a global map of potential highway and railway corridors
Prerequisite for delisting interesting sites to that are access challenged
  • Orbital mapping of subsurface voids
Local and irregular voids; possible gas pockets
Meandering linear voids: lavatubes

Surface ground truth probes

  • Verify, quantify, qualify. and assess expected polar ice deposits in various crater permashade areas around both poles
  • Explore suspected openings into lavatubes
  • Final exploration of sites on the short list for an outpost installation
  • Crater central peak sampling

Typography Assets

  • Using Lavatubes
  • Inflatables, factories, warehousing, agriculture, archiving
  • Using Rilles
  • Using Craters
  • Using Catennae
  • other

Planned Lunar Orbiters, Landers, impactors & their science goals

Chang'e I (China)

Chandrayaan I (India)

Selene (Japan)

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (US-NASA)


Russian Impactor fleet

Unaddressed Prospecting and Exploration goals

Unadressed prospecting goals

Unadressed exploration goals

Predevelopment of Needed Technologies

Special R&D-focused curricula

Masters & doctoral theses topics listings in various disciplines

Spin-up entrepreneurial opportunities

  • Development of draft spin-up business plans

Design contests

College level engineering competitions

Cutting-edge workshops

Hosting specific R&D challenge courses

Getting Familiar with the Moon

Lunar Maps

  • History of lunar mapmaking
  • Online Atlases
Lunar Map (266 Sector)
  • Hardcopy Atlases
  • Lunar Nomenclature
  • The persons after which craters have been named

Lunar Surface Features

  • List of lunar mare (sea), oceanus (ocean), lacus (lake), sinus (bay), palus (swamp) lava flooded areas
  • Lunar Craters
Large walled plains
Craters with central peaks
Flooded craters
Ghost craters
Ray craters
Crater chains
  • Lunar rilles
  • Lunar Mountains
  • Lunar domes
  • Other features

Understanding what you see

  • The origin of the Moon
  • The history of lunar bombardment
  • The great lava floods

Observing the Moon

  • Observing the Moon's familiar nearside
  • The possibility of observing much of farside via telescopes in the L4 and L5 Lagrange points
  • Lunar Observing Certificate Programs








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