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In situ availability:
Necessity: essential
Atomic number: 12
Atomic mass: 24.305
group: 2
period: 3
normal phase: Solid
series: Alkaline earth metals
density: 1.738 g/cm3
melting point: 923K,
boiling point: 1363K,
Na ← Mg → Al
Atomic radius (pm): 150
Bohr radius (pm): 145
Covalent radius (pm): 130
Van der Waals radius (pm): 173
ionic radius (pm): (+2) 72
1st ion potential (eV): 7.65
Electron Configuration
2s2 2p6
Electrons Per Shell
2, 8, 2
Electronegativity: 1.31
Electron Affinity: Unstable anion
Oxidation states: 2
Magnetism: Paramagnetic
Crystal structure: Hexagonal

Magnesium is a Alkaline earth metal in group 2. It has a Hexagonal crystalline structure. This element has 3 stable isotopes: 24, 25, and 26.

"Magnesium compounds, primarily magnesium oxide, are used mainly as refractory material in furnace linings for producing iron and steel, nonferrous metals, glass, and cement. Magnesium oxide and other compounds also are used in agricultural, chemical, and construction industries. Magnesium metal's principal use is as an alloying addition to aluminum, and these aluminum-magnesium alloys are used mainly for beverage cans. Magnesium alloys also are used as structural components of automobiles and machinery. Magnesium also is used to remove sulfur from iron and steel." - USGS Magnesium Statistics and Information[1]

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