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The Moon surface has been divided into a series of Quadrangles by the US geological survey.

The Moon has been divided into 30 quadrangles by the United States Geological Survey at the 1:2,500,000 map scale.[1] At the 1:1,000,000 scale it's divided into 144 quadrangles.[2]

The quadrangles are numbered in bands from north to south. Each band is then divided into a latitude-dependent number of quadrangles. At the poles, the bands consist of a single quadrangle, so LQ01 is a circle around the north pole.

Table of Lunar Quadrangles
LQ02 LQ03 LQ04 LQ05 lQ06 LQ07
LQ08 LQ09 LQ10 LQ11 LQ12 LQ13 LQ14 LQ15
LQ16 LQ17 LQ18 LQ19 LQ20 LQ21 LQ22 LQ23
LQ24 LQ25 LQ26 LQ27 LQ28 LQ29