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Or, What NASA is actually going to fund this year

Each year NASA Headquarters puts out a list of project areas it is interested in funding. It is called Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences (ROSES).

Web Link

The complete 2007 ROSES list can be found at:


Professional scientists at universities, in industry, and even at the NASA centers use this list to plan the proposals they will submit. This list can be life or death for one's academic career in space science.

What's In

If your pet idea is not covered by this list then it is not going to be funded. ROSES is a list of what is in.

In for 2007:

  • Back to the Moon studies -- What we need to now to return to the Moon.
  • NASA items in the NASA Exploration Strategy -- These are the actions NASA has officially said it will do.

What's Out

Similarly what is not mentioned is important.

Out for 2007:

  • Science from the Moon -- NASA is not yet interested in doing science from the Moon.
  • Earth Science -- There is some Earth science but it is not as strong as it has been in past years.
  • Science from ISS -- This is a sad failure to make use of a major resource.

Big Problem for 2007

There is a big problem for 2007. Congress did not do it job! NASA will be running all year on a continuing resolution. This means that planning for what moneys can be spent is very difficult.

The result is that ROSES for 2007 does not have as strong monetary amounts and specific deadlines as it has in past years. The whole process is a concern.

Watch this List

It is widely thought that the Democrats are returning to power and that they will emphasize Earth science over our return to the Moon. If this is true then ROSES is the place to watch for real effects and not just talk. The money is where it counts.

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