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Forget Planning, Count on Serendipity

Sometimes too much planning can be a bad thing.

An Ancient Tale

There is a very ancient tale about five sisters of royal birth with the family name Seren. They all went on a trip together. Their younger brother and heir to their father's throne had just been taken prisoner in some minor war and was being held for ransom. They set out with a great entourage to set him free.

They traveled long and hard on this great adventure and many surprising things happened to them. All of these things were good! By the time they found out that their brother had escaped and made it back home with his tail between his legs, they were all engaged to various princes and all fabulously wealthy. They did not even have to pay the ransom.

Lunarpedia on Purpose

There have been many times in the history of science and technology when serendipity has won out. The discovery of penicillin stands out. You can forget planning if you want, but you must be out there working hard on one idea after another for serendipity to do its magic.

One purpose of Lunarpedia then is to do a random walk through space settlement ideas until something good happens.

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