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I'm working with Worcester Polytechnic Institute teams. We started with the gathering of LOX in LEO, for which we now are developing two separate gas gathering devices (two, in the faint case that one design doesn't pan out, but also for gathering different gas concentrations at different altitudes above the earth). I think our LOX gatherers will surprisingly soon drop the price of landing anything on the moon by a factor of 2 to 5. Better than that is possible in the farther future.

Now we're also moving on to the moon. We're eventually going to go public with "I had no idea this job was so easy" lunar ISRU designs. With a huge supply of ISRU elements and tools, a permanent moon base becomes cheaper yet.

I offer you all a promise of hope. I see the moon as a chemically rich place, not the place of chemical shortages depicted by almost all others. However, we're in hush mode. Sweet dreams!