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OK, some of us already have personal User pages on the lunarpedia. For those folks, please add a redirect from the list of people to your existing lunarpedia User page. See my entry Charles Radley for example.



Could we enhance the list along these lines

Could we enhance the list to help new visitors along these lines:

(Identify those deceased, e.g. Gerard O'Neill)

• Add redirects to known bios / personal pages • identify current and past directors of space advocacy organizations (include chapters) • identify current and past officers of space advocacy organizations (include chapters) • Identify current and past public officials (elected/appointed) and corporate executives • Identify persons who have received any honor or recognition award from any space advocacy org (e.g. SFF advocates, NSS Activist of the Year, etc)

This would be tough to do in a simple list because many people would fall into multiple categories. Perhaps we need a table with a column contain a set of codes or check boxes.

We need to be aware of the right to privacy of individuals, and not to publish any private information, so make sure that any items added be from public sources and/or with the consent of those being identified. Many organizations keep their membership lists private. But most organizations in most countries are required to publish the names of their directors and officers. Charles F. Radley 12:33, 7 January 2007 (PST)

"here is a job for somebody....." for each Investigator on the List of Academia page....create a personal page for them under the List of People..simply say they are PI of XXX experiment on YYY spacecraft...any volunteers ? Charles F. Radley 09:10, 14 January 2007 (PST)