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Wrong formula

The formula for figuring the height of the polar tower is misstated in the article. The correct formula is:

Height = radius[of moon] * ((1/cos beta) - 1) where beta is the angle of inclination. To show an example where this seems to come closer to the truth than:

Height = radius[of moon] * (1 - cos beta)

try it for the moon being the same in every way as the moon we know except for the angle of inclination to the ecliptic being 80 degrees. The formula in the article as of 14 May 2012 gives Height = 1428 km whereas the correct answer from the first formula I wrote is 9951 km. Draw the problem on paper and see which one seems right for a moon 1729 km in radius but inclined by 80 degrees to the ecliptic. - Farred 03:42, 16 May 2012 (UTC)