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When this tag is applied it means this page is being relocated by a WikiProject.
The contents of this category are (or will soon be) located at the replacement

3Spaceicon H519 0958 link.png which is where new pages should now be added.

Note: This category page should be empty or soon emptied, with all of the articles and sub-categories contained here being recategorized under [[:Category:{{{1}}}]]. Assistance in making these changes is welcome, but please examine articles to see if they are part of a WikiProject, and if so join that project and use its categorization guidelines. See instructions for more information on the use of this template.

Note: This template automatically adds category pages containing this template to Category:Lunarpedia category redirects.


To redirect from Category:Foo bar to Category:Baz quux, simply add the following to Category:Foo bar:

{{category redirect3|Baz quux}}

Please do not use subst: on the template, unless it must be edited to reflect that the target category of the relocation does not yet exist. See Template talk:Category redirect3 for more information.

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