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==Example of using a template with Visual Editor and TemplateData (Jscript must be turned on)

In situ availability: Olean NY
Necessity: essential
Atomic number: {{{number}}}
Atomic mass: 152
group: {{{group}}}
period: {{{period}}}
normal phase: {{{phase}}}
series: {{{series}}}
density: {{{density}}}
melting point: {{{melts}}}
boiling point: {{{boils}}}
{{{aprior}}} ← {{{above}}} → {{{anext}}}
{{{prior}}} ← Mv → {{{next}}}
{{{bprior}}} ← {{{below}}} → {{{bnext}}}
Atomic radius (pm): {{{radius}}}
Bohr radius (pm): {{{bohr}}}
Covalent radius (pm): {{{covalent}}}
Van der Waals radius (pm): {{{vdwr}}}
ionic radius (pm): {{{irad}}}
1st ion potential (eV): {{{ipot}}}
Electron Configuration
Electrons Per Shell
Electronegativity: {{{enega}}}
Electron Affinity: {{{eaffin}}}
Oxidation states: {{{oxstat}}}
Magnetism: {{{magn}}}
Crystal structure: {{{cryst}}}