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Hello, My Name Is Grady.

I was one of the first NASA Engineers at MSFC from the Army's ABMA with Dr. von Braun's Rocket Team. I was the engineer on the rocket engines, destruct systems, stage seperations and retro rocket explosives; and Cape Launch Coordinator for the Redstone-Mercury and Apollo Programs. I worked with the German Rocket Team for ten years, both at Huntsville and Cape Kennedy. I developed the SkyLab Astro Enviomental System. I also served as the Projects Engineer on many projects such as getting all the bits and components to the Cape with instructions.

I got to work with the first seven astros, I liked Al, Gus and John a lot. Al was my pick and explained to him often about his "Ride". I was the last person out of the Apollo I spacecraft when the astros went in before the fire on 1/27/1967. I did nothing wrong. It was a sad time for all of us.

Sometimes, I do tell space stories of events that took place during the time we pioneered space.

-Grady, Email

We're honored to have you on board! -- Jarogers2001 21:03, 19 January 2007 (PST)