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Working Out the most Bbasic Level 1 Requirements for Lunarpedia

How do you get started on a technical design?

How do you know when you are finished?

Lunarpedia as a Technical Design

We will need to design many technical devices and systems to return to the Moon. Not surprisingly there are formal procedures for this type of design work. These procedures can be very powerful.

Designing a wiki, Lunarpedia, to support our return to the Moon can be seen as a technical design project. We can apply our technical design procedures to this task if we wish.

One of the first steps in a technical design is to define exactly what it is that you are trying to do. This process is called defining the Level 1 Requirements.

All the articles in the Purposes List category are bits and pieces of ideas we can use for this task. We can, as a community, figure out what we are doing.

Or, we can choose not to and follow the path of Serendipity.

Good Space Example

There is a good example of the successful application of this task in the Shuttle main engines. Shortly after launch, the engines are throttled up to 105%. The question is 105% of what? This certainly cannot mean 105% of their rated output or they would blow up.

The answer is that they are now run at 105% of their initial design requirement. They simply work better than first planned.

However, you can not do better than you first planned unless you do the first planning.

Level 1 Requirements for Lunarpedia

If anyone would like to work up formal Level 1 Requirements for Lunarpedia and practice to working them up for technical projects we will have to accomplish to establish a lunar settlement, please put a note in the discussion table of this article.

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