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Autostub2 was a project to automatically generate article stubs for elements that did not already have articles. In addition to filling in the gaps on the chart, it was also meant as a test data set for development on Autostub1. Given the far smaller number of articles to be created, the penalty for error was substantially smaller, as was the penalty for incomplete information.

Unlike the location database for Autostub1, this database was manually assembled.


Autostub2 was implemented at 04:00 UTC/GMT with a second pass at 04:11

Test 11

Success. This test was accidentally overwritten.

  • Tungsten

Test 10

This attempted final test demonstrated an error with links to neighboring articles. This test was accidentally overwritten.

  • Molybdenum

Test 9

Test with more possible additions to the text blurb and using surrounding element info from the dataset instead of generating on the fly. Identified items to remove test configurations from and a sentance that didn't end with a period. This test was accidentally overwritten.

  • Hydrogen]
  • Iron
  • Technetium
  • Lutetium
  • Ununoctium

Test 8

Successful beta/gamma candidate test. One for loop away from generating all articles.

Test 7

This test is mostly successful. Known problems include showing element number 117, something possibly easier to manually fix than to write a special case for.

Test 6

This test identified a number of bugs, including a doozy with the electron shell reformatting. Not for the faint of heart.

Test 5

The fix for the electron shell width issue was found to not work. It was subsequently discovered that the database already has formatting for electron shell information that was also disappearing because of its formatting.

Test 4

A fix for the electron shell width issue was applied to the wrong variable

Test 3

A mostly successful test with the complete dataset

Test 2

Successful importation from XML test

Test 1

Successful page formatting test