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The primary purpose of this list is to generate lists of articles that are needed by Lunarpedia. You can start a missing list or investigate or work on an existing list of needed articles. Please to not hesitate to add list ideas to this list or article ideas to the appropriate lists linked to from here.

...or start the article or work on improving an existing article...

Existing but empty list articles should be found here. Please avoid creating more empty lists.

Urgently Needed


List of Academia
List of Advanced Composites
List of Agricultural Pollinators
List of Agricultural Products -- see here
List of Agricultural Technologies -- see here and here
List of Analog Station Efforts
List of Analog Station Designs
List of Apollo Astronaut Crews
List of Apollo Sites
List of Apollo Spacecraft
List of Architectural Concepts -- see here
List of Areas of Research -- see here
List of Arts and Crafts -- see here and here


List of Base Concepts
List of Biosphere Technologies -- see here
List of Books
List of Boosters
List of Business Models


List of Component Vendors
List of Conferences and Conventions
List of Construction Materials
List of Commissions, Reports, Studies


List of Discontinued and Cancelled Boosters


List of Elements
List of Equations
List of Export Markets -- see here
List of Exports -- see here
List of Electrical Considerations


List of Gemini Astronauts
List of Gemini Spacecraft
List of Google Lunar X PRIZE Teams


List of Habitat Concepts
List of Health and Fitness -- see here
List of Historical Articles
List of Human Resources -- see here


List of Import Markets -- see here
List of Imports -- see here
List of Industrialization Articles -- see here, here, and here
List of Infrastructure Considerations
List of In-situ Resource Utilization Methods


List of Launch Sites
List of Launch Systems and Vendors
List of Launch System Vendors
List of Lighting Technologies
List of Logistical Considerations
List of Lunar Based Sciences -- see here and here
List of Lunar Tourism -- see here


List of Major Settlement Challenges -- see here
List of Maps
List of Maria
List of Mercury Astronauts
List of Mercury Spacecraft
List of Mining Engineering Concepts
List of Mission Designs and Options -- not presently existing reference missions to design
List of Modules
List of Movies
List of Museums


List of Nonterrestrial Sources -- see here


List of Observation guides -- see here and here
List of Online Resources
List of Organic Product Substitutes -- see here
List of Organizations
List of Outpost Activities -- see here
List of Outpost Concepts


List of People
List of Performing Arts -- see here
List of Planned Missions
List of Political Requirements for Colonies -- see here
List of Proposed Metal Production Methods
List of Propulsion Systems
List of Offworld Medical Risks
List of Publications


List of Recreation
List of Resource Development Articles -- see here
List of Resources
List of Reusable Spacecraft
List of Robotic Missions -- see here
List of Robots


List of Satellite Articles -- see here
List of Selenological Articles -- see here
List of Settlement Business Ideas -- see here
List of Settlement Locations -- see here
List of Shielding Options -- see here
List of Site Management Issues -- see here
List of Soviet Cosmonaut Crews
List of Space Facilities
List of Space Station and Module Companies
List of Standards


List of Technical Terms
List of Time Issues -- see here
List of Transportation Systems -- see here and here


List of Unmanned Sites
List of Urban Planning -- see here


List of Vendors


List of Years